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I visited this tree when I was 10 years old...42 years later
I visited the tree again a couple of days ago....It is fantastic
and should be preserved with all might.

Danie Binneman

As a young girl of 5, I first saw the Big Baobab when we lived in the then,
Pietersburg.  In March 2011, 39 years later, I returned to visit the tree again. 
It was an overwhelming experience and something I will never forget. 
I also got to spend some time with your white german shepherd, just
my husband and I, and your dog, sitting under a tree dating back
thousands of years.  A day I will never forget.  Thank you for cherishing
this incredible giant.

Lize Müller

All I can say is, Thank you very much to Doug and
Heather. We had a great easter weekend. Your hospitality is out of this
world, We could not choose a better place to go quad biking for the
weekend. The trail in the mountains is awesome. I would encourage
everyone to try it out, but beware,you guys out there with the fast
bikes that likes to rock n roll, you will have to gun them very hard and
know your stuff to keep up with that monster Yamaha Rhino of Doug's.
The tree is definately the most beatiful I've ever seen, the size is
unbeliveable and the feeling that runs through your body when you stand
next to this giant is incredible.
We will definately visit soon again and bring more people to share this
wonderfull experiance with.
Keep up the good work there you are doing a great job there.

Riaan Celliers and family.

I am an American currently living and working in
South Africa (KwaZulu Natal). I happened across your website, and I
am in awe. I have seen the California Redwoods, which are magnificent
and humbling; but your single tree, with it's confirmed age and size,
is like nothing else in the world. I don't know if I'll have an
opportunity to visit, but to stand in the presence of a living entity
this ancient must be quite an experience. Take care of Mr. Baobab,
and maybe he'll live another 6000 years.
Patricia White

Wow can we drive from Loius Trichardt to the big boubab?
Uzi Hechter

awesome! was nice staying at your place, i like the
way you cook your chicken.
Daniel, Claudi german frends of Mike and Clip

We are sitting here in Seattle WA, USA, watching the
snow outside and remembering fondly the fun and exciting week we had
staying and riding quads at Sunland. We hope Doug and family are doing
well. We stand ready to show you Quad bike riding in the USA anytime you
win the lottery!

Les and Ann Leonard

I want to see the Big Baobab tree this with my family.

I have been at the Big Baobab place twice with groups of Polish tourists.We have enjoyed this amazing place very much.It has a very special dificult to describe atmosfere in the air.You can feel the ages gone past.As from now we are going to bring every group of tourists to your place.See you soon in September again.
Ted Rudzinski.
Bushbuck Lodge.

I am intending to come next week. I can feel it from a
distance...what a relaxing place. I will drink lot of wine in that tree.

Robert Netshitungulwana

Thanks for your great hospitality! It was very nice to be here. We hope that the lonely planet gives you an invasion of tourists

Piet Wennen, Carlyn Wegbrans

What a restful wonderful weekend. Doug thanks for the ‘tame’ out ride for the ladies. I have certainly become more excited about riding. The girls enjoyed themselves as well. We WILL be back! Thanks!!

Dalize and Harry

Zimbabwe and Johannesburg contingents had a fantastic stay. The meetings were productive and positive, the food home-cooked and delicious, the ride-awesome, and our hosts and staff were friendly and attentive!
Thanks, you guys rock!

Joe + June, Pete + Rach, Funny + Tahera

Great weekend for the family. Sand, mud, bikes, what more can you ask for? Evenings under the tree with too much food and wine will be remembered everyday in the gym. Very relaxing and friendly atmosphere- we will be back!

Sean, Sharon, Kelly, and Gareth Lacerick

22 September 2006

Thanks for the great weekend, the tree was magnificent and the rides were amazing, but what always makes a great place, is the hosts and good company. Great weekend, thanks

The Graces Olivier’s, Taylor’s, Savadier , Nunes, Demski’s and Freedmom’s and Mad Max

Dear Doug and Heather
09 August 2005

17 September 2006

Heerlik rustig.Lekker quad ger, lekker gerus. Sien julle defnitief weer

Hansie en Anrie

17 September 2006
Baie dankie vir alles, ons he tons self ten-volle geniet. Dis jammer Pretoria is so ver, maar julle sal ons weer sien

Ronnie, Bennie en Brendan

15 August 2006
We had fun in the sun with Doug and his son. Plenty of adrenalin shots and delicious food. Thanks everyone, but we’re not done, see ya again soon! Singing to Doug

Alex, Tracey and Matt

3 August 2006
What a blast! Fantastic time and what a great track, I almost saw my bike upside down! Thanks a lot


31 July 2006

Thank you for your hospitality that you’ve shown to me and in particular The De Beers Company. I enjoyed my stay here at the Baobab and I’m looking forward to coming back. May the good Lord satisfy you with a long life
Simon Matslam and the De Beer group Services

30 June 2006

Ons het heerlik gekuier.Vir souties het julle gasvryheid ons is egtig verras!!! Jammer Pretoria is so ver, maar julle sal ons defnitief weer sien.Ons het ‘n klomp mooi foto’s geneem waarmee ons, ons vriende gaan jaloers maak.Volgende keer bring ons ‘n groep vriende saam.Voorspoed en alles wat mooi is!!!

Dina en Loftus Strauss

The place is awesome- we are so glad we came. Doug thank you for the great riding. Heather you’re the best. Anna and Lydia and of coarse David we appreciate all you did for us. You made my 49th birthday very special. And Les 50th year great. Wish you could come back with us and we could show you some ‘lecca’ riding US style. Outstanding TREE

Les and Anne
Washington, USA
May 2006

01 May 2006

Super weekend. Kids had a ball and we were able to relax and also mix it with some fun. Thank you to Heather and Doug for being such friendly hosts and mixing with us like one of our crowd. Will recommend the baobab to everyone

Lynne, Kevin, Robyn and Shannon Miller

Thank you for an excellent weekend. The staff were very professional and helpful and the facilities are excellent. We really had good time

Andrew and Connie
03 April 2005

11 August 2005

Thanks for everything! The ride was fantastic and the ‘tickle tub’ was really cool! Thanks for making us feel so at home

Love Chanel and Jo-Anne

Heather and Doughy
3 July 2004

Thanks for everything, you were great. This place is a piece of heaven. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly it was awesome. The tree is amazing! You are lovely people

Pierre, Magda, Andre, Juandra

Dear Doug and Heather
20 June 2004

An utterly awesome weekend. Absolutely brilliant trails, thanks Doug. The food was out of this world, always more than enough- thanks to Heather, Anna and Leah. We couldn’t ask for better hospitality. We have booked the next weekend for all of our friends. Will be back!!!(See ya soon and keep well)

Tommy, Alfreda and Tiffany

27 October 2003

This is such a unique lace to be, thank you for your hospitality! While we were tanning in the sun the family at home (Holland) got the first snow! Isn’t it great to be here now and enjoying nature? It’s a piece of paradise.

John and Analize
From the Netherlands

Dear Heather
23 July 2003

We found your wonderful tree by mistake but we are so glad we did! It has restored serenity and sanity to our souls and we promise to return. Thank-you for your amazing hospitality

With Kind Regards
Janet and Duncan
P.S- Leah was wonderful

12 April 2003

Your hospitality has been just lovely, thank you so much. The tree is surely sacred…am touched…

Annie McKee

We couldn't resist adding a few actual pages from our guest book at the Big Baobab.
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